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Halley Le

Data Enthusiast & Life-Long Learner

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About Me

My passion for data started when I got my first job in social media intelligence field, which brought me to the world of data analytics. I have been amazed by the power of data ever since.

I enjoy learning programming and analysis on Datacamp, currently taking Tableau track to improve my visualization skills.

Researching for random pieces of information on the internet then organizing them in my Notion is one of my favorite pastimes.

My other hobbies include traveling, visiting museums and galleries, and making new Spotify playlists.

An ultimate coffee addict :')


My portfolio of projects encompasses different topics such as exploratory analysis, supervised and unsupervised machine learning which I am constantly expanding. Some are personal projects while others are group work. Skills utilized include Python, R, Tableau, data visualization and reporting.

Predicting Diabetes Patients with Logistic Regression

Skills: R, K-means Clustering

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Halley Hang Le


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